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Donate to What if Puppets

Our vision is to use puppetry to enhance the lives of people across the country– and we've done just that!

Thanks to your support and donations, we can make critical investments in our programming and staff to continue to bring the magic of puppets to children.


How You Can Help

Unfortunately, puppets don't pay rent. Donations to What if Puppets enable us to grow and scale efficiently by investing in the following areas:

  • Train and develop young artists to expand our team of puppeteers

  • Establish arts residencies in more classrooms/districts across Kansas and Missouri

  • Obtain resources to create new touring shows

  • Provide the means to safely transport our puppet shows to schools, libraries, and art centers, both locally and nationally

Every Dollar Counts

No matter the size, every contribution counts!

  • Safety equipment for an intern: $75

  • Paid internship stipend: $1,500

  • Nine-month residency in one classroom: $2,600

  • Create one new show from scratch:

  • The Puppet Mobile: ~$80,000 

Blue Springs_Audeince #1.jpeg

Evolution, Growth & Impact

We've come a long way from when our organization was founded in 1987!
Click through below to learn more about the evolution of our brand and programming, including data behind our record-breaking 2022-2023 season, and the impact it's made.

Thank You For Your Support!

The magic wouldn't be possible without you. As a small yet mighty nonprofit organization, we are so appreciative of every contribution. Your donations allow us to continue asking, "What if?"

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