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How will I (or my teachers) access the videos and materials?

We will send each teacher a link to the platform, teachable, that hosts our program. In that email each teacher will receive a coupon code, that will allow them to “enroll” in the program (they will not be charged, as your school will pay us directly). They will create a login and then they will have access to each episode and all supplemental materials as they release each month.


The email will look like this:

Welcome to “In the Workshop”. Follow the below directions to access.

1.  Click this link. 


2. Scroll to bottom of page and click on the Orange button that says "Enroll in Program."  (Don't worry, you will not be charged anything!)


3. Enter your name, email, and create a password.  


3. You should now be enrolled in the program. You may have to refresh your page in order to see that you are in the program. 


4. Once you are enrolled, you may need to log back in at a later time. Go to Click on "Sign in" then click on "My Courses."


Please email Meghann at with any enrollment problems. 


When will new episodes release and how will we know?

We will email you when new episodes are ready, but just in case below are the planned release dates:

Episode 1 - September 21

Episode 2 - October 21

Episode 3 -November 13

Episode 4 - December 14

Episode 5 - January 15

Episode 6 - February 18

Episode 7 - March 18

Episode 8 - April 16


Are episodes and supplements only available in the months they are released?

No, once the episode is released you will continue to have access through May 31st. Schools may renew their subscriptions for the upcoming year at any time after that.


How can I share these episodes with virtual learners?

Feel free to share your screen via zoom to broadcast to your students. If students utilize tablets, then any pdf can be downloaded to their tablet so they can use the activity pdfs with their drawing apps. We have also tried to offer ideas for virtually adaptations for lesson plans.

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