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Digital Puppetry

Abstract Glass

Set in a vibrant maker space for artists, an assorted cast of puppet characters work along side Alex and Da'Lene, co-owners of the workshop. This coterie of characters must learn valuable skills in order to work together and grow, such as emotional intelligence, empathy, and resilience.


The Workshop is eclectic and electric, vibrant and inspiring, with no shortage of foibles, conflicts, and internal struggles for young people to use as a mirror for their own social and emotional development.

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Puppet Zoom

 Nico is staying inside to keep safe, so he’s inviting you to a Zoom party! Join him as he guides you through games, songs, and imaginative play. This 30 minute experience is designed for families or groups to interact, engage, and play together, while staying in the safety of your own home or classroom.

COST: $250

TIME: 30 minutes

MAX Participants: 50


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Sing Along the Road Again

Learn classic children's songs with Ringo the Dog and Mike on their road trip filled with  unexpected twists and turns.


COST: $650

TIME: 40 minutes

MAX Participants: Unlimited, 1 wk


Puppet Making Tutorials (Free!)

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