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Family and Field Trip Production

2021-2022 PREMIERE

Cirque du Wiener Dog!
@ Midwest Trust Center

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...created original shows for 0-8 year olds? Then you would come with your family to laugh, sing, and play together!


Created By Mike Horner

Come one, come all to the most WIENERFUL show on earth! Join a cast of daring dachshunds as they attempt to put on a circus variety show, with amazing acrobatics, trapeze swinging and a rousing tightrope finale! The show, however, is constantly interrupted by Li’l Dumpling, the Littlest Dachshund in the World, who desperately wants to get in on each act. Will Li’l Dumpling get to be the HOT DOG, or will everything turn out for the WURST? Find out in Cirque du Wiener Dog! You never SAUSAGE a ridiculous show!

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