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How to Snag A Sea Monster

After a monstrous wave washes a creature ashore, the people of a small Cape Cod town hear a strange wailing. Is it a sea monster in their midst? No, it's a baby as big as a house! The village adopts the giant baby, whom they name Stormalong -- 'Stormy' for short. Growing over 24 feet, Stormy struggles to fit in, and chooses a life at sea aboard a clipper ship to find a place in the world. Meanwhile, a sea monster, the colossal kraken, torments the village... and only Stormy is big and brave enough to save them all!

45 minutes

Most enjoyed by K-2nd

Varies based on number of performances booked and travel requirements. DIGITAL VERSION AVAILABLE.

Education Ties
Managing Fear, Making New Friends, Working Together.

Created with the support of a Family Grant from the Jim Henson Foundation.

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