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Puppets in Education

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...collaborated with you to support the social-emotional development of your students? Then your students would learn through play...and you would have the chance to grow by getting silly too!

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Arts Integration Residencies

Social Emotional Learning, Puppetry, and Art Making PreK-2nd Grade.

Cost varies based on scope of work. 

2022-2023 Partners

Liberty School District 

Smithville School District

North Kansas City School District

EarlystART Centers

JCCC-Heirsteiner Center

Holy Cross


Abstract Glass

Set in a vibrant maker space for artists, an assorted cast of puppet characters work along side Alex and Da'Lene, co-owners of the workshop. This coterie of characters must learn valuable skills in order to work together and grow, such as emotional intelligence, empathy, and resilience.


The Workshop is eclectic and electric, vibrant and inspiring, with no shortage of foibles, conflicts, and internal struggles for young people to use as a mirror for their own social and emotional development.

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In the Workshop

 One Time Live Interactive Classroom Experience and 8 episode Digital Series 

Supports Social-Emotional Learning for K-1st Graders

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